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     FOR AGES 8-11   &  AGES 12-15
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• Learn real kitchen skills, kitchen math, science and food history and culture.

• Hands-on, guided learning to spark joy of cooking and new foods.

• Camps for ages 8-11 and for ages 12-15.

• We provide sugar-free drinks, snacks and lunch each day. 

• Each camp can cover different skills and   recipes for repeat campers. 

• Campers eat what they cook and bring home extras for show and tell.

We are temporarily unable to offer classes until the mitigation of the coronavirus pandemic. Please feel free to browse classes for inspiration for your home cooking. And look around for what you'd like to cook with us when all this is over.

In the meantime we will cook dinners for you to pick up.

Choose PERSONAL CHEF ORDERING from the main menu.

Two-Day Camps
Cooking for Kids  for ages 8-11
 4 camps to choose from:

Th & Fr, June 11-12      9:30 - 12:00

Th & Fr,  July 16 - 17      9:30 - 12:00

Th & Fr, July 23-24        9:30 - 12:00

Th & Fr, Aug 6 - 7          9:30 - 12:00

                     Fun in the kitchen!

Cook up a whole meal from from scratch over two days.  

 You'll learn how to make these recipes and change ingredients to use the same learning to make different things!

•Make a pot of chicken soup.

•Make the egg noodles to go in the soup.

•Get to know lots of colorful veggies and learn how to cut them up.

•Then the next day, turn the cooked chicken into chicken salad sandwiches with

•your own homemade mayonnaise. 

•We’ll make pastry  and  filling for a

sweet apple pie. 

•and more.

We’ll learn to use knives, food safety, eating healthy, and about what makes food taste good. 

There are always lots of extra things to discover, too.

Includes recipes, drinks, folder and handouts.            

     $109.       Limit 8 students

                           Three-Day Camps
"How To Cook"     for ages 12-15


 9:30 am – 1:30 pm

4 camps to choose from:

June 8-10

July 13 – 15

July 20 -22

Aug 3 - 5


Pack some cooking basics into your Toolkit For Life.


•Learn to use tools correctly, adjust recipes, saute, simmer, pan fry and bake in this hands on workshop. •Learn vocabulary and the science behind the art of cooking so you can do more of your own creative thing.

•Learn food safety, balancing a diet and smart shopping.

•We’ll make and roll our own pasta dough,

•make sauces,


• pastry, bread and cake

•Work with meat, vegetables, eggs, legumes and more. 

 •You'll learn  transferrable  techniques that work with ingredients of your choosing so you can make many different things on your own. 

•Campers should be eager to learn, curious and open to trying new foods.

•Eat what you make and take home extras for show and tell.

•Includes more than a dozen recipes, drinks, binder and handouts.  


 $ 245.      Limit 8 students

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