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We are temporarily unable to offer our full slate of classes while the number of COVID cases continues to rise. Please browse upcoming classes, available for fully vaccinated guests upon request. Please feel free to browse classes for inspiration for your home cooking. And look around for what you'd like to cook with us when all this is over.
In the meantime we will cook dinners for you to pick up.
Choose PERSONAL CHEF ORDERING from the main menu.

Teach Me To Cook Classes


Our rotating Teach Me To Cook curriculum helps you learn to cook with what you have on hand and gives you the basics to make your own menus and creations! 

 •Learn knife skills,

•Make sauces,

•Cook meat and vegetables perfectly, and more --

 •Even master the art of timing all the dishes of a large holiday meal! 


Whether you want to make recipe following easier, or make it up as you go along, we will help you with vocabulary, techniques, confidence and imagination so your

kitchen time is easy, fun and rewarding. 

TMTC Classes are 2 Hours, and priced at $55 pp. for drop-in, and can be purchased at a discount with a Series Card, good for 6 classes, offered at $297.

Miss a class? Pick it up on the next rotation. Series cards don't expire.


Learn all the basics to master the kitchen in these fun and hands-on two hour sessions.

Sample Curriculum



• Scheduled lesson or recipe may change due to availability of ingredients or opportunities to explore something seasonal or special.

• During each level, there will be a freestyle session where you’ll make a meal from whatever is found in the refrigerator.



At the end of this 6 class series, you will understand techniques which will allow you to cook and bake a variety of meals beyond what we do in class, with and without recipes.


#1 Stock and Soup

       Knife Skills. Making stock. Using a whole chicken. Make a vegetable soup.

#2 Saute, Pan Sear & Pan sauce.

       Principles of stovetop dry heat method. Chicken.

#3  Saute, Caramelization, pan sauce

        Knife skills, flavoring, continue principles of stovetop cooking. Pork.


#4 Pastry 1

       Pate Brisee as basic pie crust. Thickening stock for gravy; Chicken pot pie

#5 Cooking Fish

       Fry, Bake, Poach,  bechamel sauce

#6 Pulling Things Together

     Choose from a variety of ingredients and put together a dish using the skills and confidence you've learned so far.



A continuation of cooking techniques featuring braise, roasting, saute and sear.  Each class features accompanying sauces with an emphasis on flavor profiles and flavoring styles.  Learn how to make flavors work and learn to how create proper flavors.

This series is more student directed so that  particulars questions and interests can be addressed.


#1 Brown Stock -- explore caramelization in the oven and on the stovetop.

#2 Sauces  - Hollandaise

#3 Pasta & Sauces

       Cooking long and short pasta al dente, dressing with tomato and beyond. Tomato basil sauce; pasta with eggplant; ragu; garlic and oil.

#4 Roux

 Learn the basics of making sauces to enhance your meats and vegetables.  Bechamel and Mornay Sauce.  Macaroni and Cheese.

#5  Flavor building.

#6  TBD



At the end of this 6 class series, you will be able to create beautiful and healthy meals with confidence, with and without recipes, without processed foods, using understanding of flavor profiles, sauces, and combinations of textural and visual components. Learn how to structure your meal prep to have multiple dishes or courses ready to serve.

#1  Flavor profiles

Learn about taste and flavor and how combining tastes creates excitement and allows you to gold-medal in kitchen freestyle. World cuisine.


#2  Sauces

      Learn about classic French mother sauces and small sauces. Review Bechamel & Mornay, add Hollandaise and Bearnaise.


#3 Fish

    Explore  characteristics of different fish and techniques for preparing them.  Sole, cod, tuna. Carpaccio, stew, bake (sole w hollandaise.)


#4 Quickbreads/Baking

    Understand the kitchen science for success at any altitude. Banana nut bread,

     Biscuits and gravy.


#5  Pastry 2

     Blind baking Pate Sucree, making a curd and meringue.  Lemon Meringue Pie


#6 Presentation/ Meal prep organization

       Learn  how to organize the different preps for a meal and some techniques for plating and serving to elevate your meals to fine dining. Maybe  pan seared pork tenderloin scallops with béarnaise sauce, vegetable, rice or quinoa timbale...

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