to exotic places with our out-of-the-ordinary dinners 




MAKE A NIGHT OF IT with suggested beverage and entertainment pairings and fun food and cultural information in case you've run out of conversation.

Everything is made for you by Francesca and Tom from scratch, with love,  using the highest quality organic, wild caught and pasture-raised ingredients available, locally sourced  when possible and imported for authenticity.


•Go to EASY READ MENU to see details about the week's dinner. Otherwise, if you're ready to order go to ONLINE ORDERING. 

    On the online ordering page, click "LET'S GO!" on the left side of the page.  The week's menu appears at center. Click to expand to read the description and add to cart.  Choose pick up time.

Only choose one of the three days on the menu.

The menu changes each week. Orders for the week's menus close on Wednesday mornings at 9:00 AM.  After 9:00 AM on Wednesdays, you are ordering the next week's dinner. 


• The dates on the menus are the dates you are ordering for.

• Pick up THURSDAYS, FRIDAYS, and SATURDAYS  between 4:30 - 6:00 PM.  


• At checkout, you'll indicate your choice of day. Click on SPECIFIC TIME to indicate your preferred pickup time.

          Please choose only from the TH, FR and SAT STATED ON THE MENU as the app's calendar does not limit choices.

• Pick up at the C&K kitchen on the west side (back) of Conifer Marketplace (Staples).

• Upon ordering you'll receive an email with suggested themed pairings for beverages (including no alcohol options), tables settings, music and movies so you can plan ahead to extend dinner into an evening's get-away evening. We might also include information about ingredients, food history and food culture related to your dinner to spark conversation and new topics to explore.


• Accommodations for vegetarians, GF, DF will gladly be made upon request. Options are always available whether we state it or not. 




Why Wednesday at 9am?

Our travel inspired dinners for pick up on Thursdays, Fridays and Saturdays and  our ordering system – menus that change on Wednesday mornings with a week to order  -- allow us to operate as a zero-foodwaste kitchen. We shop Wednesday afternoons when we know how many people we are cooking for.         

         •Making just one shopping trip limits our exposure in these coronatimes

          and helps us stay safe. 


        •We buy only what we need for the week’s orders, so we don't waste



         •We use the vegetable peels and stems, bones and shells to make

          stock and afterwards, as treats for the chickens. 


We're Aware and We Care

A philosophical compromise we have had to make is the use of take-out containers. Doing the best we can, we avoid plastic and foam whenever possible – which is most of the time. Our containers are reusable, compostable or recyclable.


Passion Play

Castles and Kitchens' overriding mission is to inspire and empower people through cooking and travel.

Feeding people is an act of love.

And we experience so much joy in the kitchen,  whether we are cooking for you or with you,

we just want to say thanks for letting us cook for you until we can cook with you again.


•NEW! Sharing is Caring 

Buy dinner for struggling neighbors.      


Love and Gratitude.


They are the principles and purpose that underlie our business. We are overwhelmed by the appreciation and loyalty of our customers and we are empowered by optimism toward the future.


Still, the needs in the world just seem so overwhelming sometimes and people don’t know what they can do to help even though they so want to. We are grateful for having the power to make small differences by making it a good day for people in our community who have a lot more tough days. And once again we are humbled by the generosity of our goodhearted customers who have asked us to cook dinners for some of those folks who have hit a rough patch. Some buy dinner and take it to people they know. But most of us have no idea who in our community needs help.


One of our customers learned of the long lines of cars at MRC's food bank. He asked if he could give us $100 to buy some of our travel-inspired dinners for some of those people, to remind them that their present situation is not their final destination, that they deserve a special meal prepared for them and that people care about them. Other donations from people wanting to pay it forward have also come in. It looks like the beginning of  something!


Sharing is Caring

Feeding people is an act of love. We’d be lying if we said we did not get immense pleasure and satisfaction out of cooking for people.  Here is an opportunity to share those good feelings.

•We have asked the Mountain Resource Center to choose recipients each week to add to our regular orders and these people will pick up one or more of our travel-inspired dinners, courtesy of their mountain neighbors.  MRC will choose by lottery or at their discretion from folks who are dependent on receiving subsistence groceries from the food bank or are otherwise a timely choice.

•If you would enjoy doing a random act of kindness by buying dinner for an individual or family who is struggling, complete with our suggested beverage and entertainment pairings so they too can “Make A Night of It”, we have a system. We are chipping in too, to make donations go further. We’ll discount these MRC dinners and pop in a few extra goodies when we can.


•We’ll keep all the donations in a virtual pot and draw out to pay for meals as they are picked up.

•You can donate through the online ordering system on our website or stop by the kitchen on TH FR or SAT to buy in person.

•We’ll keep a spreadsheet and let you know when your dinner gift has been picked up.

•We will make withdrawals in the order the donations are received.

•The number of extra dinners per week will vary based on MRC's input and our supplies, but we will aim for 2 to 6.

•Ask us anytime to know how many people have been served.


Love and gratitude. Paying it forward.



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